Monday, February 3, 2014

Learning to See

For this first Session I was assigned 2 girls; EnKawli a refugee from Myanmar, who fled with her family in Thailand and Georfie from the Congo last in a refugee camp in Burundi. EnKawli was 11 years of age when she started at the Global Village Project, the youngest girl in the program.  Today, both girls are 12 years old.  They are a great age; still a bit shy, keenly interested in learning and tech savvy.  I really love the time that I spend with them.

I purchased a few refurbished Canon PowerShot 3330 camera from Canon at a great price. A perfect starter camera for a program where my emphasis is composition and situational shooting.    After grinding through the mechanics of the camera we went outside of the school to shoot.  The girls love going outside mid day regardless of how cold it might be.

Its a warm day and we are free as birds checking out all the scenery

After shooting we come back into the classroom where we review all of their images and pick their 2 favorites.  Subsequently, their homework is to write a composition about their picks and shoot some more while at home.  

During the next class, grammar , punctuation & spelling is corrected.  As defined by Daphne Hall, the teacher, we are using the photography to also reinforce their literacy skills.   

I am just blown away that these 2 girls have only been in the USA for 8 months and are speaking and writing in English!

Carpe Diem,

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