Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Many photographers are not comfortable approaching strangers and asking to take their picture. By and large, these are the photographers that end up specializing in still life, architecture & landscape photography.

I love portraiture photography.  I simply love the connection to humanity.  Getting a subject to relax and for a moment reveal a bit of their inner self makes me tick.

So no surprise, I had the girls take this on during one of our sessions.  They were certain that they just couldn't do it.  They were shy and giggly at first so we practiced on a few people that they are familiar with at the school.  Of course, caution with strangers is still important especially for young girls which we also covered.  Then off to Decatur Square we went for a little live practice.  

The 1st person was a homeless man who was quite gracious and accommodating.  This was followed by a man doing some landscaping work.  The final and best 2 were these really cool dudes with tattoos who worked at a local restaurant and were outside for a smoke.  This was their crowing glory.  These guys ended up telling the girls what good photographers they were and how proud they were of their life journey.  The girls had such a good time.
No Longer Strangers

Carpe Diem,