Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Le Journal de la Photographie, 


Daily News" Taroudant, Morocco 

I had spent 3 weeks chasing after the Moroccan woman to photograph them.  Other than a single Berber woman, they would have no part of me.  Their culture dictates that they do not want their photograph taken.  Seemingly defeated I wandered about the town of Taroudant capturing a bit of the architecture and the local children on their way off to school.  A cup of coffee is in order.  I sat at a cafĂ© just outside of the Bab al-Kasbah  and watched life go by.  As I am about to leave I notice a small group of Roudani woman dressed in their colorful haiks seated on the curb gossiping.  I learn that they meet here every day to catch up on their daily lives.  The oldest form of communication – verbal story telling.  

What do you think they are talking about?   

I am delighted – an entire photo story in one image.  I capture this image & title it “Daily News.”

Now in Le Journal de la Photographie, May 21, 2013 and

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