Monday, May 20, 2013

I Love Photographing Older People

Everyone has a preference or something that they are especially good at.  I would never pass up the opportunity to capture a beautiful landscape but for me there is nothing better than connecting to people.  I am continually scanning the crowd like radar.  I choose to shoot someone when I respond viscerally.  My stomach literally jumps.  This happens most often around weathered older men and women. 

Boatman, Hoi An, Vietnam 

Our relationships are generally brief based on a chance meeting.  So I have to be ready with all the tech stuff on the camera already set.  Then, I have to quickly make the subject feel comfortable.  A smile, a big laugh works very well for me. 

Sudhu, Kathmandu, Nepal

To me, they have paid their dues and are wearing their life on their face.  Their wrinkles, toothless smiles and twinkle in their eyes say it all.  It is honest and I love them for it.

Hongsa, Laos
Dege Tibet

Carpe Diem,