Monday, December 28, 2009

Community Outreach - Teaching English

The 4 older girls have English class at their district school which is supplemented almost nightly at the Shelter. Both the younger girls as well as the older ones have English Classes on both Saturday and Sunday for 2 hrs each session. On the weekends, the doors of the shelter are opened to the local children of the district who also join for the English Classes.

Yoomie, (volunteer) teaching Sat. and  Sun. English Classes

Finn, (volunteer) teaching Saturday and Sunday English Classes

A View of Both Classrooms

The House Mom, Fah also takes English, class Monday-Friday after breakfast has been finished.
Fah (House Mom) taking English Lessons from Finn, (Volunteer)

All of these classes are taught by one of the short or long term volunteers. This last Saturday one of the volunteer teachers took ill so I took over the Saturday class of the younger children. I must say that they keep me hopping as I tried to hold the attention of 8 children all different ages and at varied levels. We covered number, colors, shapes and animals. I was just knocked out.

More to come soon,
Carpe Diem,
Lorrie Dallek 

You can also visit the COSA, (Children’s Organization of Southeast Asia) Web Site to learn more about the organization and their work: