Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tiger Temple-Nice Kitty

Journeyed North specifically to shoot the Monks and Tiger at "Tiger Temple" in Kanchaburi, Thailand.

Paid dearly to be in a group of only 12 tourists. In the am, we washed, fed, petted and played with the tigers. I was admittedly a bit reluctant, just some good photos would make me a happy camper. In the afternoon, after the tigers were a bit knocked out and sleepy like all good kitty cats we had our individual photos taken with a tiger. I was happy to just sort of me in the vicinity. No, the handlers insisted that I sit closer, and closer & closer still. When I was close enough they threw the tiger’s head in my lap, and using my camera, the handler snapped off a few pics.  Yikes, it was one of the biggers tigers too!

Nice Kitty

The handler even suggested that I come back for a 2nd turn. I think he really dug using my camera. I passed, once was enough more me. No reason to push my luck.

More to come soon,

Carpe Diem,


 Where is Tony Soprano?

I survived the commute from My Tho to HCMC unscathed and actually had a very pleasant stay in the HCMC Airport before departing for Bangkok.

Traffic in BKK was its ordinary ugly at 7pm upon my arrival but returned to a familiar and modest hotel that I stayed in before. Great news is that it was ¾ of the way to my destination the next morning so I figure, I’ve made the right decision. They added Wi-Fi in the room and I had a bonus bathtub-what more can a girl ask for?

Up early and armed to go to the Bus Station to take me to the “Tiger Temple” for a private shot. The bus is to cost me 99 BHT, about $3.00 USD. The 2 taxi drivers outside my hotel refused to make the commute to the bus station- they wanted to drive me all the way for 3,000 BHT, about $100 USD (a very common target price for many services in BKK).

I know the drill and pretty forceful now, especially after Vietnan. I go to the corner and successfully hail a cab. Once I get him to turn into my street (of course using a lot of mime) to fetch my luggage waiting at the hotel, he has a conversation with the corner thugs who tell him to not take me. They “owe this street” or something like that.

I am not dissuaded. Another very nice Taxi Driver passes buy, I get his full attention and he agrees to take me. My fare + a very large tip=$5.00 USD. We are both thrilled.

On a 1st class (that is a relative term) direct bus to my destination writing this note. Happy girl. Dodged another con artist in SE Asia. For all those I have lost too, take 1 for the team.

Epilogue- I wrote the aforementioned too soon. My bus just stopped for no apparent reason. We wait a few minutes a are transferred to a different bus. Looks like a 2nd class bus. Maybe too few of us to justify the trip. Hope this is still the 2hr. commute not the 3hr. alternative.

More to come soon,
Carpe Diem,