Monday, June 24, 2013

Private Space

I visited Shwedagon no less than four time, during my stay in Yangoon, Myanmar. This paya is described as heart stopping and indeed it is.  The colors, the way the sun reflects off the gold gilded monuments, the lighted candles, people coming to pray stays with you forever.

This older monk had noticed me photographing at the paya previous mornings.  He stopped and pleasantly made mention.  Later in the week I happened to see him alone meditating off to the side before one of the smaller shrines where there wasn't any foot traffic.  Leaning against this gilded ornate pole I felt as though he had gone off to his own private space.  For me, time had stopped for a moment as I stepped into his world.  I love the feeling of stillness this image communicates.

Carpe Diem,