Monday, May 21, 2012

So Many Choices

Having spent 3 months abroad the last time, I knew that 12 weeks was simply too long.  In 3 mos. everything started to break; my camera got gritty, my sandals & watch broke & so had my stomach.

Tibet was the most important part of this trip and I wanted to spend as much time there as I could afford.  In the remote areas that I wanted to visit, I would need not only a guide but also a 4WD and a driver.

We settled on 3 weeks and explored different itineraries.  It turned out that several of the Horse Festivals that other Travel Agencies were promoting were no longer open to foreigners.  One that was available would be inundated with tourists, the other was out of my June-July time preference.  I expected to do some trekking but not interested in anything major along these lines.

Back to Region of Kham.  Awesome.  We finalized the itinerary,  agreed to a price and I was even able to secure my airline ticket using frequent flyer points.  Hotdog, all set,
not !

Carpe Diem,