Thursday, December 17, 2009

On the Move

 On the Move

About 4 months ago, COSA faced a significant local political situation and was forced to re-organize and re-locate. This was when I personally became involved.

A quick emergency effort to raise money to build the new shelter, Baan Yuu Suk and relocate it to 11 miles North of Chaing Mai started. The Art Auction in Atlanta on 11/08/09 and Urgent Request to Friends and Family was made to enable building of the new shelter

On Monday evening, Mickey and I took the night train north to Chaing Mai. We arrived 14 hours later. A 20 minute ride north of the city and I am about to see with my own eyes what I have been writing and talking about non stop for the last 3 months.

At 4pm, I start to hear children giggling. The 1st group has arrived home from school. I walk from the volunteer’s quarters to the dining hall/children’s sleeping quarters and I a greeted by the 2 youngest: Dao the youngest and Rah-Tee. I intellectually knew that they were 4-5 years of age but seeing it in person is unbelievable. They are just babies, sweet and running around like any child their age but all have a mix of physical and emotional scars. At the time all I wanted was for them is to get to know me. It didn’t take long, by the end of the evening they were hugging and hanging on to me. Now as I write this blog, I am tearful. I cannot believe that such atrocities were committed against these sweet babies.

Dao-the youngest addition

A little while later the 4 older girls arrive home from school. They are reserve and polite for about an hour all introducing themselves. I struggle with matching their names to their faces. You can tell that they are very sweet despite my inability to speak to them.

We all eat dinner together. The older girls help the younger ones with getting ready for bed. Then they have English class led by Finn, a German volunteer.

They are a great group of kids.

Carpe Diem,

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