Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy in Hoi An

Blue skies, moderate temperatures, commutation to the hotel with a pleasant driver, what more can a girl ask for. How much better can it get. Well it did. The hotel staff (not a fancy hotel my any means) instantly learned my name, had a bathtub and very hot water and made changes when I just made casual mention.

Hoi An is a small town were I both walked & bicycled about without fearing for my life. Lots of old architecture, a very vibrant and visually stimulating Fish Market and the notorious “China Beach” a few Km’s away.

After walking the same path and smiling, the shop keepers started to ask me to photograph them. 1 guy even called me into his shop to show me his new puppy. Another was taking his water buffalo back at the end of the day and he saw me in the distance- he waved be over,  helped me walk across a very rickety bamboo bridge so I could get a lot closer. Very sweet people.

Here is how I spent my Sunday – are you jealous?

My view looking up from my umbrella

I loved it here so much that I extended for 1 day. Off later this am south to the Mekong Delta.

More to come soon,
Carpe Diem