Saturday, June 23, 2012

Horse Racing

Horse Racing is one of the special times for the Nomadic people of Tibet.  It’s an opportunity to gather, celebrate, dress up in your finest clothing and jewelry and have fun at this competitive event. The larger festivals with all of its pageantry are in the summer.  Many have been curtailed entirely or now inaccessible to foreigners. 

Lum Bum told me that often the locals still pull together smaller impromptu festivals.  This type of gathering is just too much a part of Nomadic life to stamp it out.  Through word of mouth Teshi, our superb driver learned from the drivers of other tourist cars that indeed a festival was taking place in the area. 

After a lot of poking around we got to attend the last few hours of what was in fact a 4 day event.  We were treated like dignitaries; allowed to sit and photograph from the inside of the event.  The horses were really hyped up so I had to keep some distance but had access to the horses, their owners and riders. 

It was lots of fun and a chance to take another glimpse at Nomadic life.

This is one of the final races of the event

Carpe Diem,