Monday, July 8, 2013

“Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow”, Mekong River, Laos


I had left Luang Prabang, early one morning and traveled up the Mekong River a few miles with the intention of visiting several local villages and temples.  You could always tell where a village is located by the long set of very steep steps leading up and a lush perfectly groomed garden at the shoreline, beside the steps.   As I disembarked on the opposite shore, the mist was rising from the night before, all was peaceful and the light was beautiful. 

This local woman had come down from her village to start her day.  She was untying her boat from the mooring made of natural material, a few branches of bamboo.  What a simple yet effective way to secure one’s boat.  I can only image that one of her elders taught her how to secure her boat using the bamboo and her children will do the same.  Traditions passed on from generation to generation, “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.” 

Carpe Diem,

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