Monday, June 3, 2013

Street Photography - Universal

Women Gossiping, Taroudant, Morocco

This collection of images were taken in many small towns and niches in different corners of the world.  While the subjects are seemingly different based on outward appearance one is reminded time and again that we are all the same.  Regardless of the locale, I meet every day people, leading every day lives with similar desires.  The settings are honest and so are their emotions.  It is for these reasons I am continually drawn back to the streets looking to capture extraordinary moments in ordinary life.

Boatman, Hoi An Vietnam

Shan Tea Workers, Hsipaw Myanmar

Buddhist Practitioner, Dege Tibet

Fish Seller Napping, Hoi An Vietnam

Men Socializing, Labrang Township, Tibet

Dumpling Seller, Dali China

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